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Simply sign-up to beWise, at no cost and become a member.

beWise is only paid once you get paid. Dashboards permit the freelancer and client to keep track of each stage of the process.

It’s a no risk system designed to better serve the freelance community as well as companies embracing a flexible new economy.

beWise works everywhere you do

beWise works almost everywhere in the world, for almost all types of business and service.

Our freelance clients don’t need to be a part of any registered organization to legitimately provide services. That’s why we already have clients in 20+ countries, spanning established industries, through to those at the vanguard of delivering web 3.0.

It takes two to tango 💃🏻🕺🏻

beWise is dedicated to spanning the divide that stops companies old and new from embracing the full potential of the gig economy.

We eliminate the contractual, paperwork and outlook obstacles that prevent companies from employing flexible freelance talent. Everyone wins when they’re free to work together securely and accelerate the development of remote and digital ways of working.

So long as client companies have a valid VAT number, we can enable freelancers to invoice them.

beWise promises you 🖖🏼
ease and speed

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