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The lowest cost, crypto-first way to get invoice payments!

Others charge 6.9-8.9%.

We only charge 4.9%!

One day payment!

beWise’s easy interface makes preparing and sending an invoice super-simple and worry-free. It also makes receiving the payment even faster within our crypto-optimized platform. Once the payment is approved it can be received in a single day!

One low fee. No hidden costs

We offer a low, all-inclusive, flat rate commission.

We don’t discriminate whether the invoice is small or large, or base it on where you are in the world. No hidden costs. Just a single fee.

Simply use the calculator to see how much. It shows the rate and exactly how much will be transferred to your account when the invoice is paid.

Get your earnings in stable crypto

Our system is optimized for the digital economy. We minimize any points of friction and look for ways to minimize costs for our clients.

No need for slow transfers or extra costs. No need for bank accounts. beWise

Frequently Asked Questions About Pricing 🛸

Does beWise pay for my individual income tax?

No. This responsibility rests with the individial. Dependent upon local tax regulations, taxes are generally imposed upon payments received to your bank accounts. We recommend consulting your tax consultant about how to disclose any salary-related payments coming via beWise.

Which payment methods are available to your clients?

We support the systems that are most secure and low cost. Your customers can use the Tether (USDT) cryptocurrency to pay your invoice from anywhere in the world. We will also extend the payment options over time, based on customer demand and beWise’s safety and customer value criteria.

Let’s assume that I send a client an invoice of 1,000 USD. How much will I receive?

Let’s do the rocket science with our calculator 😉 Let’s write an invoice for 1000 USD. It show that you will receive $971 in the form of 971 USDT into your crypto wallet 😉 When we provide other stablecoin or fiat options the calculator will also show exactly what you receive.

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