Accept crypto, take more business

Enabling any company to directly accept crypto payments

payWise provides a unique plug-in solution allowing any company to safely, easily and affordably receive payments in leading crypto currencies. Finally your customers can check-out in crypto as simply as with a credit card!

payWise removes the potential for confusion over linking orders to payments, individually validifying transactions.

beWise doesn’t take custody of anyone’s money. Our clients receive money directly from their customers, minus risk and complexity.

Integrate crypto into your payment options

The end-to-end crypto payments solution

Why leave money on the table?

Millions of consumers prefer holding crypto, and increasing numbers of companies also prefer the speed and low transaction cost of crypto.

beWise, be Web3 ready

payWise is a flexible solution that’s perfect for all sizes and kinds of established ‘traditional’ commerce, whether accepting payment for a car, flat purchase, hotel bookings, medical and cosmetic services or on-line shopping.

For gaming and technology companies exploring the potential of Web3, beWise offers the most seamless way to integrate crypto payment into all kinds of services. Whether your company is considering one transaction a day, or ten per second, payWise’s payment gateway offers the most scalable, flexible and robust solution for the future of our business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which crypto currencies are accepted?

All currencies linked to the EVM compatible blockchain ecosystem (Ethereum, Polygon, BSC) including Ethereum, MATIC, BUSD and EVM-based ERC-20 tokens. This includes the leading stablecoins, USDC and USDT. Bitcoin (BTC) is not currently accepted (but can be in future).

What does it mean that payWise doesn’t receive the incoming money?

PayWise acts as a decentralized intermediary tool, that validates and channels payment from customer to client. This system allows clients to receive funds directly into their wallets from the customer wallet. payWise uses a smart contract to make sure we’re only paid commission once the client has received their payment.

How long will integration of this system take?

The system works by integrating an API. We provide full documentation which any proficient IT team will easily understand. This can be set-up from scratch to offering the ‘pay by crypto’ option on your website in a single day.

Do we need a corporate crypto account to start?

No. All that is needed is a secure wallet address that will be continually used to receive funds. You should allocate responsibility accordingly and consider who has access to this wallet.

When opening an account you will immediately be asked to specify the master receiving wallet and this should be the wallet you intend to use to retrieve the payments.

Should I make an Exchange wallet my main wallet?

We don’t recommend this if your business will involve a high frequency of transactions because the Exchange may misunderstand the activity and place a temporary (but still disruptive) block on it. It’s better to use a decentralized wallet service, like Metamask or TrustWallet.

What if we don’t want to manage our own wallet?

beWise offers a ‘hosted wallet service’ for companies not wanting to directly manage their corporate wallets. This is a premium service.

Can we make this service completely white labelled?

Yes. We can enable the service to appear as your own company’s payment gateway from end-to-end.

Can we legally account for this income and report it for tax purposes?

Yes. If transferring earnings to a fiat bank account you will have access to transaction history in the system’s back office that can be matched to customer orders, allowing for regular account reporting, when required.

Have another question?

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